Bittersweet Creek

Bittersweet Creek

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Kilpatrick, Sally

"Romeo and Juliet? The Hatfields and the McCoys? They don't have anything on the Satterfields and the McElroys. The feud has died down, but there's no love lost between Romy Satterfield and Julian McElroy. Once upon a time, these two teenagers were in love, but on the night they wed, he stood her up. Now she's back to help her father run the farm....and to get a divorce from her "on paper only" husband. Romy's sure she wants to marry Richard and live in Nashville--until she realizes how much she misses her father and how much she loves the family farm where she was raised. She also thinks she's over Julian, but she begins to suspect there's more to his betrayal than he's willing to admit. And even if she gives up her wealthy and influential fiancU for a blue collar cowboy, can she ever convince Julian that he's a good enough man for her?"

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781617735707

320 pages

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