Death By Coffee

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Erickson, Alex

When Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki decide to open a bookstore cafU in their new town of Pine Hills, they decide to call it "Death by Coffee" after Krissy's father's most famous mystery novel. Little do they know how well the name fits...

On their very first day of business, Brendon Lawyer huffily takes his the grave. It seems he had a severe allergy to peanuts...but how could there have been nuts in his coffee? And who stole his emergency allergy medication?

Fortunately, Krissy's love of puzzles and mysteries leads her not only to Officer Paul Dalton, but also to many of her new neighbors, who aren't terribly upset that the book is closed on Brendon. But one of them is a killer, and Krissy needs to read between the lies if she wants to save her new store--and live to see how this story ends...

ISBN: 9781617737510

320 pages

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