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Pethick, Sue

Todd Dwyer, a successful app designer, wasn't planning to bring a mischievous dog along on a romantic road trip with his girlfriend, Gwen. But Archie--a fluffy ball of fur who could charm the marrow out of a bone--needs a new home following the death of Todd's uncle Bertie. Todd's sister is willing to take the pup in, as long as Todd can deliver him.

Todd quickly comes to admire the scrappy, playful little dog, even if Gwen is less than impressed. Then circumstances compel them to make a detour at a quaint hotel run by Emma Carlyle, Todd's childhood friend. The inn is also hosting a colorful group of ghost hunters in town for a paranormal conference. Archie likes to howl into the air vents, and pretty soon this road trip is turning bumpier than an unpaved country lane.

But with Archie's unerring canine instincts and loyal heart, he may help one and all see the happiness that's waiting just under their noses...

ISBN: 9781617738425

256 pages

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