Accidentally Engaged

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Carter, Mary

With three ex-husbands to her name, Clair Ivars is a self-confessed recovering in-love-aholic. On a long, long hiatus from men, she's about to embark on her annual spiritual pilgrimage--aka road trip. And since hearing that her favorite ex is about to remarry, she needs it more than ever. But before she can leave her worries behind, she's side lined by an anxious bride-to-be...

What begins as an imposition soon ends with Clair in possession of an abandoned three-carat engagement ring. But when she finally tracks down the fiancU at the other end of the rock, things get complicated. Because every cell in Clair's enlightened body and wizened brain tells her Jack Heron is The One--for her. For real. Now Clair just has to convince Jack...

ISBN: 9781617739002

320 pages

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