Julia's Daughters

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Faulkner, Colleen

"Julia Maxton can't imagine anything worse than losing one of her three daughters--until the day seventeen-year-old Haley runs a stop sign, killing her younger sister Caitlin. Six weeks after the crash, the family is falling apart. Julia struggles not to show hostility towards Haley, but her deep-rooted anger won't go away. Her husband, Ben, has drifted away emotionally. Their youngest daughter, Izzy, is lost in the shuffle. And despite Haley's insistence that she's fine, her actions scream otherwise. Fearing that she's about to lose a second child, Julia decides to take Haley on a cross-country drive. Maybe somewhere between California and Maine they can bridge the gulf between them. But first there will be painful questions to face--is Julia a good mother? Did she secretly love responsible, respectful Caitlin more than defiant Haley? Can Haley ever find peace with her mother--and herself--again? In Colleen Faulkner's most thought-provoking and complex novel to date, an unthinkable tragedy becomes the starting place for a powerful journey toward healing and hope. Honest and unforgettable, Julia's Daughters explores the surprising ways that families--even the most fractured--can

ISBN: 9781617739330

288 pages

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