Her Sweetest Revenge 2

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After getting revenge on the gang that brutally beat her mother, all Mya Bedford's known enemies are dead. But just as she gets back to work at her Detroit hair salon, she's got a new battle on her hands. All Mya wants is a normal life, but that means convincing her husband, Hood, to walk away from the hustle. Easier said than done when dealing drugs has always been his bread and butter--and he's just teamed up with a new crew on a deal that will set them up for life... Hard as she tries, Mya can't ignore the dread she feels. And when her fears come true, Hood will have to choose between their marriage and the game--if he can survive long enough. Because when Mya discovers her family is at stake once more, she understands that the street never tires of bloodshed, and the fight to survive never ends...

ISBN: 9781617739811

368 pages

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