Dear Drama 2

Dear Drama 2

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Spice, Braya

Allure Jones is back with more drama than ever! Three years have passed since her breakup with James. Allure is now working as a high school English teacher, buying her own home, raising Sierra, and dating the man of her dreams. Just when Allure thinks her life can't get any better, confusion sets in.

James insinuates his way back into Allure's life, causing her to question whether she is completely over him. She has to be careful, though, because his wife is desperate to hold on to what's hers by any means necessary. If this isn't enough trouble, another ex continues to cause disorder in Allure's life.

Just as things start to heat up between Allure and her new love, she finds herself being pulled back into her past. How much drama can one woman stand?

ISBN: 9781622867059

304 pages

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