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"Denise, the sexy, soon-to-be pro basketball player can only hope that her emotional scars heal as fast as her physical injuries from the end of the school year. She is ready to leave behind all the pain of her past in Memphis and pursue her basketball dreams in New York; but could a bump in the road ruin everything she's worked for her whole life? Lena has finally made up her mind. She knows who she wants, and she's ready to hop on a plane to go get it. You have to admire that in a woman--maybe. Lena believes in "better late than never" . . . but does Denise feel the same way? Cooley is finally far away from Memphis and all its heartache. There is nothing to remind her of her past--except for the huge scar across her face. Have all of her past transgressions finally robbed her of her swagger? Can she handle the women and her new career without being the Cooley we all once knew and loved? Denise, Lena, and Cooley have come to the crossroads. Where will they lead?"

ISBN: 9781622867165

304 pages

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