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Hill, Terry E.

One year after the dramatic murders that took place at New Testament Cathedral, Gideon Truman's career as an investigative reporter is at its peak, and his popular syndicated television show attracts A-list celebrities, as well as national and international politicians. When Gideon set his sights on political power couple Dianne and Sheridan Hardaway, life becomes complicated for him once again.
Dianne Hardaway is the first African-American female mayor of Los Angeles, and rumors are swirling that she could be on her way to the governorship--and perhaps even the White House. To most observers, the Hardaways are the ultimate couple on the rise, but whenever Gideon sees the Hardaways on the front page of a magazine or at an event, he gets an uneasy feeling about Dianne. Something just isn't right.
What Gideon doesn't know is that Dianne is backed by The Committee, a secret group of powerful, wealthy people who have selected every United States President since James Monroe. They also declare wars, direct foreign policy, and control the nation and much of the world economy. The current generation of Committee members has decided that Dianne will be the first female president, and they begin to clear her path. Their methods include lies, intimidation, bribery, and murder.
When Dianne's husband dies, it is ruled an accident, but Gideon's reporter instincts kick in. He is convinced that this is another case of an ambitious woman eliminating the man standing in her way. Uncovering the true cause of Sheridan's death becomes his top priority. When The Committee learns of Gideon's investigation into the woman they now own, they reach the only logical conclusion- Gideon Truman must die.

ISBN: 9781622867226

304 pages

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