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Haley, Patricia

"Anointed whizzes back to the beginning of the Mitchell family saga. A man of faith, Dave Mitchell is relishing a time of success with his start-up company, DMI. Success, however, has come at a tremendous sacrificial price on the home front. The closeness he once savored with his wife of 12 years has diminished. Dave spends most of his time working while Madeline is struggling with balancing her job and home. When she elects to take time off and let Dave run the business, their lives are forever changed. Revered by others as a man with incredible anointing and favor professionally, Dave is not above temptation and personal shortcomings. Innocent initially, Dave's relationship with his new secretary eventually crosses the line and leads to a single instance of passion. Madeline is crushed when she discovers the affair and feels jilted given the amount of support and sacrifice that she has given to Dave and to the establishment of DMI. Saddled with four children, including the son they adopted after Dave's best friend died, Madeline digs her heels in refusing to give up her marriage, her family, her company, or her place in Dave's heart. The mood changes when it's discovered that S

ISBN: 9781622868179

304 pages

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