Hood Misfits Volume 4

Hood Misfits Volume 4

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Shawn "Enzo" Banks and Bianca "Angel" Smith are back with a plan enveloped in vengeance. After dealing with Micah Tems, a man who was bent on turning Enzo into a monster, both Angel and Enzo were forcefully thrust into the seedy corrupt world of the streets again, effectively falling into Micah's plan.

With time ticking away and Enzo's desire to keep his career and family intact, he will fall into darkness and embrace what he fought so hard not to be- the son of the Devil.

Can Angel keep him from turning into the very thing she ran from? Can Shawn's family keep both Angel and Enzo safe while going head to head with Micah? When fame, money, and status are what they need to survive, just how far will they go to keep hell in their rear view?

Step back into the world of the Hood Misfits, because in war, sometimes blood is all that can save you.

Welcome to the endgame.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781622869602

288 pages

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