Concise Book Of Muscles, Third Edition

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Jarmey, Chris

Detailed, full-color anatomical drawings and clear, succinct text identify all the major muscles, showing the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of each muscle, with line drawings showing stretching and strengthening exercises for each muscle. This book is unique as it takes complicated topics relevant to medical students and others entering the world of anatomy and movement making these topics accessible and easy to understand. John Sharkey (Clinical Anatomist and Exercise Physiologist) has edited this best selling book and brought it up to date with additional information concerning human anatomy and biomechanics. Readers will be introduced to the new emerging explanation of living motion and human architecture BioTensegrity. Newly updated material on clinical anatomy ensures that students have accurate anatomical information concerning nerves, myofascial structures and actions.

ISBN: 9781623170202

244 pages

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