Creaky Knees Guide Washington, 2nd Edition

Creaky Knees Guide Washington, 2nd Edition

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Jr., Seabury Blair

The Creaky Knees Guide Washington is a day-hiking guidebook filled with kinder, gentler trails, featuring 100 of the best easy-to-walk hikes throughout the state. Written in an informative style that will appeal to anyone, regardless of age, the guide covers hikes in 10 regions throughout the state, including the Olympic Peninsula; Mount Rainier National Park; and Central, Northeastern, and Southeastern Washington. There's also a section on urban hikes and walks. Each trail description includes elevation gains, including a topographical map; clear, up-to-date driving directions; mileage and estimated hiking time, trail conditions and more.

This guide by Day Hike! author Seabury Blair Jr., is a perfect resource anyone can use to explore the beauty of the Northwest, without breaking too much of a sweat.

Series Overview- The Creaky Knees Guide series features the top hikes in each region for anyone who-regardless of age-can't or doesn't want to hike great distances over rough terrain to gain beautiful vistas and enjoy the wilderness.

ISBN: 9781632170095

320 pages

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