Maga-tsuki 1

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Taguchi, Hoshino

Yasuke, 15 years old, is about to build up the courage to confess his love to his childhood friend Akari, who's fallen for him, too. There's just one problem- Yasuke's family lives in a Japanese shrine, and when he breaks the shrine's sacred mirror, it triggers a curse, releasing the cute and well-endowed goddess of misfortune, Orihime, into the real world! Now Yasuke can't ever be out of Orihime's sight - if he gets too far away, he dies, and can only be brought back to life with a quick kiss from Orihime!

Series Overview- Yasuke is a teenager with his soul torn between two girls - literally! After falling under a curse, he can't get too far from Orihime, a goddess in the body of a cute teenage girl, or he dies...but his heart really belongs to his childhood friend Akari. When the only way to keep the curse from killing him is a kiss from a teenage goddess, how will Yasuke explain this bizarre turn of events to Akari? And what will happen when Akari gets ahold of Yasuke's lost soul?

ISBN: 9781632362391

176 pages

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