Pillywiggins and the Tree Witch

Pillywiggins and the Tree Witch

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Author(s): Jarman,Julia

"When Natasha moves to a new house, she discovers a statue of a fairy in her garden beneath a huge menacing fir tree, which Natasha is sure is a witch. Gradually, with the help of a local boy, she unravels an ancient story that fairies stole the witch s baby and as revenge she turned a fairy to stone. Natasha realises that the only way to free the stone fairy, Pillywiggins, is to go into Fairy Land herself and rescue the witch s baby. But legend says that any human who enters Fairy Land may age decades or never come out at all."

YFJ-Traditional stories (Children's / Teenage),YFB-General fiction (Children's / Teenage)

ISBN: 9781849390187

Paperback / softback

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