Sea Star: Sean Scully at the National Gallery

Sea Star: Sean Scully at the National Gallery

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Daniel Herrmann

Sean Scully (b. 1945) is an Irish-born American-based painter and printmaker who has enjoyed great critical and public success. Scully is best known as a painter of monumental abstract works in oil; drawing on the traditions of Abstract Expressionism and Color Field Painting, Scully creates pieces characterized by hard-edged, rhythmic arrangements of rectilinear shapes. He is also a life-long admirer of the atmospheric paintings of British artist J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851), and the new works by Scully showcased in this handsome publication are inspired by Turner paintings housed in the National Gallery, London. Approximately 26 new paintings and works on paper by Scully are lavishly illustrated in color throughout the book alongside the National Gallery paintings that inspired them, including The Evening Star and Rain, Steam and Speed.

ISBN: 9781857096453

128 pages

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