Wind in the Willows,The

Wind in the Willows,The

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Author(s): Rackham), Grahame,Kenneth(Illustrated by

This classic of the English countryside, . first published in 1908, is a favourite with readers of all ages. As the late Margery Fisher wrote, 'Adults are sadly aware of the figure of Grahame himself, languishing in a city office and longing for the river- children respond to the fun, the anarchy of Toad and the entrancing detail as Grahame's son Alastair must have done when he listened to the bedside stories that became a book. ' The author invited Arthur Rackham to illustrate his book, but Rackham said he was too busy - a decision he was happily able to reconsider in 1936 when he was approached by the American publisher of the Limited Editions Club. The project, which he carried out with love and great care for the authenticity of detail, was his last- the drawings appeared first in the USA in 1939 and in Britian in 1950.

YFA-Classic fiction (Children's / Teenage),

ISBN: 9781857159233


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