Nature Guide To The New Zealand Forest

Nature Guide To The New Zealand Forest

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Dawson, John

New Zealand's native forests are rich and fascinating ecosystems, and the interactions between the various plants and animals are as interesting as the individuals themselves. This book is an ecological field guide. In one volume, it provides identification for a range of common plants (trees and shrubs, vines and epiphytes, ground plants, fungi, mosses and liverworts) and animals (birds, reptiles, insects and mammals). It also offers insights into the intriguing and vital interactions between them.NATURE GUIDE TO THE NEW ZEALAND FOREST has a user-friendly, colour-coded layout, from the tallest trees to the forest floor. Illustrated with stunning photographs, many of which are beautiful composite shots of several similar species for easy identification, this is a comprehensive and innovative guide to the wonders of the New Zealand forest.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781869620554

312 pages

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