Flowers Of Edo

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Kennedy, Michael Dana

Kenji Kobayashi is a decorated intelligence officer during World War II. Recently assigned to a battleship in the Pacific, Kenji fears that he may no longer see Japan again. Worried that his twin brother Tomoyuki may have fallen during a battle in the South Pacific, he briefly prays to a makeshift altar he has created in the cramped officers cabin he has been secretly stowed into. Only a handful of officers and military brass are aware he is on this ship, so his prayers, like his actions, may not ever go noticed. Still he clutches a prayer amulet given to him by his mother in his hand as smoke from a stick of incense surrounds him hoping to someday be reunited with them all; either in this life or at a burial plot in the Imperial Military shrine Yasukuni Jingu.

Preparing himself for a briefing with the ship's captain, he quickly begins to dress himself. Materials are scarce everywhere now, and he is wearing a suit previously worn by a fallen soldier. It is loose on his small frame, even though Kobayashi is exceptionally tall for a Japanese officer. Once dressed, he arms himself leaving his small sword behind, while holstering his pistol.

With a knock on the cabin door, he is then quickly and stealthily lead away to the ship's war room. His presence brings a once loud and smoke-filled room to a complete standstill. The response he receives is frigid at best, almost hostile. Clearly this officer is not welcomed here. Intelligence, or not, he is not going to make the acquaintance of most in the room, nor does he want to. The captain, however approves, and calls him into his quarters to meet with a other officers of high rank to plan their attack and potential invasion...of Japan.

Lt. Kobayashi is now face to face with an Admiral in the US Navy on board USS Missouri! He is not only the guest of honor for this meeting at sea, the intelligence he has gathered while living in Japan and in campaigns across Asia is partially why the brass are welcoming him this evening. Operation Downfall is about to commence and the fate of hundreds of thousands of soldiers from Britain, Australia, China and the U.S. hang in the balance as the Allies attempt to engage on the largest land invasion in history!

"It is a gripping, historical novel focused on the final months of WWII, with an authentic Japanese setting and an intriguing plot. Both entertaining and educational--a delightful adventure and experience!" --Admiral James. R. Hogg, Naval Commander Seventh Fleet (retired)

"The Flowers of Edo is an imaginative account of Japan's final days of World War II as seen through the eyes of Ken Kobayashi...from the Philippines to Japan in a complex plot whose twists and turns produce a fast-paced drama filled with the larger-then-life personalities of the time, large doses of Japanese history and culture, and a surprising conclusion." -- Edward J. Drea Ph.D author of Japan's Imperial Army.

"The author's detailed research gives aut

ISBN: 9781934287804

544 pages

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