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"Mizuki Konno is your typical high school junior at Yanno Prefectual High School. Like many teens her age she is studying hard for college and when she has some down time she likes to fuss over fashion and make-up. While she may not be one of the class elites, Mizuki is fortunate to be on the right side of her class's idols. But that might not settle well with those who are in a similar academic status but not so lucky with their social lives. Mizuki really isn't a bad person. However she understands that she is one of the haves. And even if she only has so a strand to hold on to, that's much more than the interverts like Alisa or Chieko. So because of this Mizuki has determined in her diary who have it and who don't. With this in mind, she is at the core with the class queen Sakura and her clique at the top and the class slob Alisa and those who dare associate with her at the bottom. The diary was discovered before a class fieldtrip and tensions are now at new heights leading up to this event. Fights may soon break out and ironically they will come from those meek helpless figures who apparently have no friends or future. On the day of the field trip, Mizuki's position with

ISBN: 9781935654568

176 pages

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