Gummi Fun

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Ogita, Hisako

Gummi Fun - Confections have never been so cute or so crafty! Best selling cook Hisako Ogita returns to the US with her latest book that should tempt tastebuds and tickle funny bones as she combines candy-making with simple crafting and modern decorative design in Gummi Fun. Hisako Ogita's Gummi Fun includes more than 40 gummi recipes and 8 different packaging and presentation techniques. Recipes include- FRUIT & VEGETABLE JUICE FLAVORED- Mandarin/ Grapefruit/ Grape/ Orange/ Acerola/ Lemon/ Carrot/ Tomato MILK-BASED- Dry Milk/ Yogurt FRESH FRUIT PUREES- Strawberry/ Kiwi Fruit/ Blueberry/ Cantalope/ Raspberry CHUTNEYS AND JAMS- Mango/ Apricot CANNED FRUIT PUREES- Pineapple/ Peach/ White Peach JAPANESE TEA FLAVORED- Sencha (loose green tea)/ Houjicha (roasted tea)/ Matcha (powdered green tea) WESTERN TEAS & COFFEES- Mint Tea/ Rose Hip Tea/ Caramel Milk Tea/ Earl Grey/ Coffee AROMATIC GUMMI- Creme de Cassis/ Grand Marnier/ Midori/ Campari/ Ginger/ Mint GUMMI STYLE- Gummi Pops/ Gummi Drops/ Fruit and Chocolate-Centered Gummi / Gummi Molds/ Rustic Gummi/ German Gummi Strips

ISBN: 9781935654902

108 pages

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