Claude Sandoz. A Kind of Panorama: Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia 1997?2018

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Author(s): Fannni Fetzer, Fannni Fetzer

Since 1997, artist Claude Sandoz has split his time between his native Switzerland and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Each time he returns from the Antilles, he brings back copious sketches and drawings produced during his stay. No longer a tourist, Sandoz has become immersed in his second home's culture and community, and the exuberant work he produces there reveals a much more complex relationship with St. Lucia than a mere artist's residence would allow.
This fascinating moment in Sandoz's artistic career?when the artist's own cultural presuppositions are being overlaid with and enriched by others?is the focus of Claude Sandoz. A Kind of Panorama. Lavishly illustrated in brilliant color, the book features Sandoz's works alongside an interview with the artist, essays, and poems by Caribbean writers.  

Collection: AB-The arts: general issues,

ISBN: 9783858816061

Paperback / softback

176 pages

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